How Do Penis Pumps Work

Penis Pumps – How Do They Work?

 There are a great many different penis pumps out there, some work really well, where others are regretfully ineffective, some use air to create the working pressure, others are designed to be used in the bath or shower using both water and air to provide effective results.

Whatever the type and method used by these various penis pumps, the majority utilise the body’s reactions to the pressure or vacuum generated by the pumps to help improve erection strength, treat curvature and in many cases, generate permanent penis enlargement.

How Do Penis Pumps Work

Almost 100% of all penis pumps use the power of vacuum to encourage a natural process called cellular duplication – this is the body’s natural response to prolonged traction  – usually a pulling or stretching pressure that is used in various forms by doctors worldwide to lengthen, and straighten injured or stunted limbs.

When the penis is placed within a vacuum device and the pressure is generated, the resulting vacuum causes ever increasing amounts of blood to flow into the penis.

This causes the penis to swell – quickly generating an erection that is in many cases, visibly larger and thicker than anything generated usually.

The increased blood flow and the resulting erection causes the internal skin cells to stretch under the pressure, gradually they will divide and duplicate to provide ever increasing amounts of internal skin cells and blood vessels. This gradually generates increased mass to the penis, which in turn increases the overall size of the penis.

What Can Penis Pumps Be Used For

Sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction can benefit from the erections generated by the use of these pumps,. with reduced blood flow one of the key reasons for erection problems, these pumps increase blood flow to provide strong, long lasting erections usually in a matter of minutes.

Sufferers of penile curvature (aka Peyronies Disease) can benefit from reduced curvature as the pressure generated by the vacuum and the resulting cellular duplication can help to break down the scar tissue or plaques that cause the curvature.

With regular daily use over around 4 – 6 months, its quite usual for users to experience ever increasing increases in penis length and girth with increases of between 2 and 3″ being possible

What Penis Pump Is Right For Me

This will depend on your main aims or requirements, we have reviewed many of the popular pumps available to buy online today, and from our reviews we hope that you can find a device that is right for you..

We have compiled our ‘top three’ rated devices, basing our ratings on a stringent set of guidelines.

Why Not Read On To Discover Our Findings?

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Pumped By Shots Premium Penis Pump Review

Can This Automatic, Rechargeable Penis Pump Really Deliver Powerful Erections?

Pumped By Shots’ Penis Pump Review

Pumped BY Shots Premium Penis Pump

With Amazon being the most popular online retailer, its little wonder that they stock virtually anything that you would ever want to buy. 

If you are a man who is struggling with getting or keeping an erection or would like to increase the size of your penis, its quite possible that you will have heard of and possibly looked into their range of penis pumps.

One of their most popular devices is the Pumped By Shots Premium Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump.

It is a fully rechargeable (by USB) device that when placed over the penis and switched on, pumps the air out of the device to place the penis under the pressure of a vacuum.

This internal pressure helps to force increased amounts of blood into the penis, to generate a visibly larger, longer lasting erection.

An improved version of their original device, the chamber is suitable for penises that measure up to 10” long and with a width of approaching 2” thick.

It is made from medical grade silicone and ABS which is easy to clean and maintain. 

This ultimate version comes with an easy to read screen that displays up to 6 varying pressure settings allowing you to remain in compete control of your pumping experience. 

It is also fitted with a quick release valve that removes the pressure immediately when required.


Setting Up Your Device

The Pumped By Shots Device

The device is supplied with a USB charging lead, to get ready for use it needs to be charged, so simply connect the device to a socket with USB port or to your computer It takes around 6 hours for the initial charge, which should provide power for around 300 uses.

How To Use The Pumped By Shots Premium Penis Pump

It’s easy to use, place the silicone infinity cock ring (supplied with the device) over the penis ensuring that’s at the base of the penis. 

Then put the device over the penis, ensuring that the silicone sleeve is held against the pubic bone at the base of the penis to form a seal. Push the button on the device to start the pump.

As the vacuum starts to develop the penis will visibly swell as it fills with blood. Push the button on the device to increase the pressure according to your requirements. 

Once the penis has reached its desired size and erection strength, simply push the quick release button and you are ready to go. 

The cock ring will help hold the blood in the penis, maintaining the erection and boosting the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

Initially the enlargement results will disperse within an hour or so, with regular daily use of around 15 minutes per day its quite possible to gain some permanent increases in length and girth.

Just as a bodybuilder exercises his muscles in the gym to increase muscularity the same bodily response can be gained by using a penis pump daily.

Where To Buy The Pumped By Shots Premium Pump

Amazon sell the pump online, its available on Amazon Prime for next day delivery.

It sells for £75.79 with free shipping.

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Is It Guaranteed?

There is no information on any cash back warranties being supplied by the makers.

My Thoughts On Pumped By Shots Premium Penis Pump

A novel idea, I like the idea of an automatic pump, it takes away the process of having to pump manually. And to be fair, the feedback that I have seen does tell us that this product can be effective.

I do have one issue with this sort of pump however…. 

Products like this that just use air within the device, can ( I must stress in rare cases) cause the penis to twist and be damaged while under the pressure of the vacuum. I really prefer to use hydro pumps that are filled with warm water (while in the bath or shower). 

These are generally considered to be safer as the water used in the device not only relaxes the tissues within the penis which improves the blood flow and ultimately the results, it also helps to support the penis while under the vacuum, helping to prevent any potential twisting that could cause harm.

I have reviewed many of these devices and from my research have compiled a list of those devices that do provide the most safe and effective results.

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