Bathmate Goliath

 Bathmate Goliath Review

The Choice of Porn Stars

It is not just men with an average penis size who want to make their penis larger, even those guys who appear in adult films regularly use these types of devices to keep them erect for longer and make their penis look even larger for the camera.

Bathmate have released a larger version of their original penis pump the Hercules – Called the Goliath, it is designed for those men who are lucky enough to be blessed with 8” or longer penis.

Originally designed for the adult film market, it offers men who have outgrown the original hercules device a way of continuing with their enlargement plans.

The Goliath can accept penises up to 10” in length.

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Users Feedback

The original Hercules pump has built up a good level of following and the Goliath continues with the trend and can provide improved erections and increased length with regular use.

Most users find it works really well, but there are comments that the preset single level of pressure does not offer enough variety. A few users also commented on the fact that when under pressure, the base tended to dig into the groin after about five minutes which for these users restricted the time spent using the device.

Where To Buy

The Bathmate Goliath can be bought direct from the official website for $199.50 ( £129.95)

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Any Guarantees

The manufacturers give a 90 day cash back guarantee, other resellers may offer different terms and conditions


Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that the Goliath is a great device and if you chose to buy, it would give good service.

For us, we feel that the Penomet offers you far more

With up to 5 variable pressure settings and an amazing 365 day cash back guarantee, the Penomet is big enough to fit any penis size and offers buyers a one time purchase that will last a lifetime.

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