Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Review

Does Bathmate Hydro7 Really Boost Erections And Performance? [updated 2020]

Bathmate is a penis vacuum pump made by Hydromax, it is a hydro-pump which means that it is designed to be used in the bath or shower.

They have a range of 3 models. The entry model being the Bathmate Hydro7. It was originally called the Hercules, this latest version being the result of a major redevelopment and redesign.

bathmate hydro7 reviews

Bathmate Hydro7 can help to improve erection quality, performance between the sheets, and can promote permanent penis growth with regular use.

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How Does Bathmate Hydro7 Work

The Bathmate Hydro7 works by subjecting the users penis to a  pulling or stretching pressure generated by the vacuum held within the device.

This vacuum helps to draw ever increasing amounts of blood to flow into the penis, this helps to generate powerful erections that are visibly longer and usually harder and long lasting.

This makes the Bathmate Hydro7, and in fact most similar devices suitable for those men who have had erection problems an essential essential in their battle to improve erection strength and help them improve sexual performance.

With daily use of between 10 and 20 minutes, its quite possible to generate permanent increases in growth along with an increase in thickness.

What To Expect With The Bathmate Hydro7

Bathmate will usually deliver immediate erections that are visibly longer and usually long lasting, any gains will disperse as the erection subsides. With regular use, the gains will gradually become permanent.

Will It Fit All Sizes Of Penis?

The Bathmate Hydro7 will accommodate penises that measure up to 7.08” when erect.. and 1.81” across

There are two downsides to the Bathmate Hydro7, the device has just one operating pressure, and as you grow in size, there is every chance that you will need too upgrade to one of their larger models which means further investment if you wish to continue with the enlargement process.

Our Thoughts

Bathmate Hydro7 was one of the original devices of its kind, it can certainly provide some good results. Its not the largest pump in its class and therefore can only accommodate penises of up to a certain size. – A good pump to start with, but you will no doubt need to upgrade at some point in the future at additional expense. – There are other devices out there that will suit all sizes with no need to replace.

bathmate_modelWhere To Buy Bathmate Hydro7

Bathmate is available from various online suppliers. To ensure that you are buying a genuine Bathmate device we do recommend buying direct from the manufacturers

As for cost – it starts at $110.00 (Approx GBP £69.95).

There are accessories available at extra cost that include a cleaning kit and a shower strap that makes wearing the device while standing far easier.

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Bathmate Hercules
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Bathmate on Bathmate Hercules

I've bought my hercules a couple of months ago and now I feel like never before! You won't regret - start using it ASAP!

by Anthony on Bathmate Hercules

I have bought a Hercules bathmate last January. I got very little use out of it as I have encountered problems with the valves and also the comfort pad that got unstuck. I wrote to the company in UK and they have reommended some maintanance which I have carried out to the letter, unfortunately the valve did not work properly and I was ready to ship the pump back to them. They replaced the valve, one valve was the wrong one, I believe it was for the Hydromax. I replaced the valve and used it for a while mayb a week or so, then I have encountered another problem. The comfort pad got unstuck. So that too another three weeks before I got the pads replace. I replaced the pad but I still encounter valve problems. I believe I use it properly as instructed by the company. When I apply the pump and pump it does not create a vacuum so I have to refil. Sometimes I loose hafl of the water in the pump and then I get vacuum, but when I try to apply more pressure I loose the pressure already there. So frustrating. I am not happy at all. I really like to have it replaced but the 60 days lapsed so I am the looser. So what shall I do?

by Bryan on Bathmate Hercules

Been using bathmate for a month, simply brilliant... better erections and have now started seeing some growth.. would recommend anybody to buy this

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