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Bathmate Hydromax Review [updated 2020]

bathmate hydromax

The Original Bathmate Hercules (now rebranded as the Hydro7) was one of the first vacuum penis pumps to utilise the power of water to maximise the effects of a vacuum placed on the penis, the water also helps to support and protect the penis during the process.

The Hydromax range is the next model in the Bathmate range, it generates an increased level of working pressure (up to 35% more) than the entry level Hydro7 model and includes a redesigned, softer sealing ring to improve the comfort when using the device.

Made up of a one piece cylinder in a choice of clear, blue or red polycarbonate, the pump has an easy to operate pressure switch at the top to both close and open the valve when using the device.

Using The Hydromax

Simply open the valve by sliding the switch sideways, fill the device with water and place over the penis, ensuring that the cushion pad makes good contact with the groin.

Pump the device up and down, expelling any remaining air and water out through the valve at the top, when the desired pressure is felt, shut the valve and wear the device for anything from 2-20 minutes at a time.

The vacuum with the device helps to draw increased amounts of blood into the penis, generating good strong erections in a matter of minutes, if your main use is to help overcome erection difficulties, then the device can be removed immediately, if you are using the Hydromax to try and increase penis length, then wear for up to 20 minutes.

Users Feedback

There is no getting away with the fact that the original Bathmate device was an excellent product, the Hydromax takes things further, with increased pressure and improved comfort, most users do report good results, especially with increased erection strength and power.

The Hydromax range accommodates all men with penises ranging from 3-9″ in length


As mentioned above, the Hydromax range covers 5 models that will fit penises from 3″ up to just over 9” erect… The Wideboy model is designed for those with thicker than normal penises ( over 6.5 inch girth)

bathmate hydromax range

Where To Buy

Available online from the manufacturers and numerous approved resellers, prices range from $129 – $199

Click Here To Order Bathmate Your Hydromax Direct


If buying direct from the manufacturers you will get 60 day cash back guarantee, other resellers may have shorter guarantee periods

Our Thoughts

We are a great fan of Hydro pumps, they are generally more effective than air pumps and far, far safer..

The Bathmate Hydromax range are (In Our Opinion) the best of the bunch by far, if you do invest in one, it will give you great service and fantastic results. For that reason it does get the top spot in our recommended penis vacuum pump listing.

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Bathmate Hydromax X30
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Hydromax on Bathmate Hydromax X30
I wish I bought it..

I wish I could start with X30 - most guys say it's perfect. But my Hercules device is still good!

by Hydromax on Bathmate Hydromax X30

I think it's perfect gadget to gain 2-3 inches - perfect!

by Greg on Bathmate Hydromax X30
Three Tips For Maximum Efficiency

I have had the X30 for six months now. This products works but it takes some trial and error to get maximum efficiency from the pump. My experience:

1- I hope you like manscaping! I have found that being fully shaved in the pubic area is the best for achieving maximum suction. When the hair starts growing back in a wek or so, tiny air bubbles will start to creep in, as full suction is prevented.. Best suction is on bare skin.

2- This does not work for me while showering. I get best results by lying down on the bed and the pump pointing to the ceiling. I attach the pump in the dry shower, expel the water and then lay down with a towel under me on the bed. It may get a little wet on the towel, but it's only water. This method works best for me.

3- Disconnect the gator from the bellows after every use, and allow the pump to dry fully in-between uses. Do not store in the moist shower environment. Any moisture or sliminess on the bellows and gator connection will mitigate full suction.

This product does work an I have seen quality results, especially in my girth. Good luck!

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