Doc Johnson Plunger Penis Pump

Doc Johnson Plunger Review

Doc Johnson Plunger penis pump is a manually operated penis vacuum pump that will help to generate powerful erections, usually in only a matter of minutes. With regular use, it can in some cases help develop permanent increases in penis length.41iWUDQg44L._SY300_

The Doc Johnson Plunger pump is a clear plastic bell shaped cylinder attached to a manually operated air pump.

How To Use Doc Johnson Plunger Penis Pump

First you need to apply a lubricant to the shaft of the penis and to the groin area. (this is to help form a seal and to protect your skin during the process.

Place the Doc Johnson device over the penis, push into your groin to form a seal and operate the hand held pump to draw the air out of the device.

As the air is removed, a vacuum develops inside the cylinder that helps to draw blood into the penis, generating a usually hard and sometimes visibly longer erection.

Once the required erection is reached, simply remove the device, place a cock ring over the penis to help maintain the erection and enable you to have sexual intercourse with your partner

The device could help over time to generate permanent growth by using daily for 15-20 minutes.

Users Feedback

There is no doubt that the Doc Johnson can help generate some powerful erections, that said, the lack of virtually any comfort fittings at the base means that most users could only manage to use the device for a few minutes as the pressure inside the device cause the cylinder to painfully cut into the groin area.


Will accept penises up to 8” erect

Where To Buy

Available from numerous online sex toy and adult stores, prices average $ 50.00 (GBP £ 32.95 )

Any Guarantees

None provided by manufacturer, normal consumer protection should apply but will only apply to unopened and unused goods

Our Thoughts

One of the cheapest and most basic pumps available, there is no way of checking the pressure within and this makes it all too easy to over pressurise the device potentially causing distortions and tissue damage. The lack of any real comfort fittings at the base add to the problems.

Not One That We Would Recommend…

Top Three Device?

Not a chance.… Doc Johnson Plunger pump is a cheap and in our opinion ineffective device that can cause more harm than good.

Our list of top three vacuum devices contains pumps that have been tried, tested and approved both for their effectiveness,comfort and safety, they also come with some generous cash back guarantees that assure buyers of full refunds if dissatisfied with results.

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Doc Johnson Plunger Penis Pump
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by Che on Doc Johnson Plunger Penis Pump
Piece Of Crap

A load of rubbish - poor quality, was hard to maintain pressure and it was uncomfortable - simply a waste of money - even though it was cheap - dont bother!!!... I Just ordered a Penomet!!!

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