Mojo G Force Penis Pump

MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump Review

The Mojo G Force penis pump is an air based penis pump that will (it is claimed) help the user to achieve greater erections and with regular use some permanent gains in both length and girth.

How Does The Mojo G Force Pump Work

The device consists of a smoky grey bell shaped cylinder attached to a battery operated mojodigitaldigital air pump.

There is a silicone doughnut at the base that helps to make an airtight seal at the groin area and provide some comfort to the user.

The device creates a vacuum inside the cylinder and it is this that helps to draw blood into the penis, generating powerful erections and gradually triggering cellular duplication which will in time create additional mass to the penis.

How To Use Mojo G Force

Place the device over the penis, making sure that the silicone seal makes firm contact with the groin area.

Operate the digital air pump to remove the air inside the device until you reach your desired and comfortable working pressure ( there is a digital display that reads the pressure inside the cylinder)

Once the desired pressure is reached, keep the device in position for at least 15-20 minutes.


Mojo G Force will suit penises up to 9.8″ erect

Users Feedback

Most users do agree that the device will help generate some good erections, on the downside, many feel that the device is cumbersome with the digital pump and tube being permanently attached, it does not give you the ‘hands free’ freedom of some pumps.

As the pressure increases, many users find that the silicone ring at the base does not stop the device digging into your skin causing discomfort in many cases

Where To Buy

Available from many online adult stores, prices average around the $100.00 mark ( GBP£63.00)

Any Guarantees

Returns and refunds are usually only allowed if the device is unused

Our Thoughts

The Mojo G Force Pump can help to improve erection quality, its not known for its comfort and as with any air based pumps, its all too easy to over-pressurise which has in the past caused some painful tears and even distortions in some users penises.

Now this is not the fault of the device, if used correctly, aside from the discomfort caused as the device pulls into the groin under pressure, users should experience no adverse problems or reactions.

For us, we prefer water based pumps (Hydro-pumps) as these are generally more comfortable to use, can be worn ‘hands free’ and are considered to be safer and more effective.

Top Three Device?

Mojo G Force does not make our list of the top three rated penis pumps, these places have been reserved for vacuum devices that are known to be approved, risk free, effective and also have a full and lengthy cash back guarantee.

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