Peyronies Disease

What Is Peyronies Disease And How To Treat

Peyronies Disease (AKA penile curvature) occurs when a hardened plaque (scar tissue) develops in one area of the penis. It often starts as inflammation but gradually solidifies to form an inflexible area on one side of the penis .

As the man becomes sexually aroused, the penis starts to fill with blood and begins to become erect, the usually flexible skin tissue within the penis expands and stretches, however the area with the plaque does not move, causing the penis to curve or bend over towards the hardened area.


In severe cases this can cause a curve of up to 80/90 degrees, something that can stop the sufferer from having sexual intercourse.

Peyronies Disease effects around 1% of all men to varying degrees, depending on the severity some will go through their life with little or no problems, while others have to endure a problem that can have a truly detrimental effect on their life.

The actual cause of Peyronies is not fully understood, many doctors feel that it could in some cases be hereditary, the result of trauma or injury and others feel that it could be linked to fibrosis and other similar conditions.

Treating Peyronies Disease

There are some surgical methods that doctors can use in severe cases, these involve the inserting of implants or the pinching of the skin to try and correct the problem. In truth, these are generally less than effective and can often leave the man with reduced penile length or the inability to attain an erection.

Doctors can also use non surgical treatments including

  1. Para-aminobenzoate tablets
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Radiation Therapy – Can help reduce pain, but does not generally reduce the plaque
  4. Injections of steroids and calcium blockers

Penis Vacuum Devices

In most cases,  without any doubt whatsoever, doctors agree that the best way of treating most cases of Peyronies is by the use of a penis vacuum or traction device.

Penis-Hydro-Pumping-TipsThese place the penis under the pulling pressure of either mechanical traction or a vacuum that helps to generate cellular regeneration, breaking down the plaques and reducing curvature.

The use of these devices is often accompanied by special exercises that strengthen the penis muscles.

We have reviewed many of the popular penis vacuum devices currently available and from our research have complied a list of our top three rated devices.

Our ratings have been compiled by a strict criteria that includes

  • Official approvals
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