Penomet Accessories

Penomet Accessories And Options [updated 2020]

The makers of Penomet, the top rated penis vacuum pump have announced some additions and changes to their range:

Choice Of Colours

UPDATE – NOV 2019 Penomet is now only available In Clear – all other accessories are available from manufacturers website

The Penomet device is now available to buy in 6 different colors – choose from

  • Pinkimages
  • Violet
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Green

Rubber Gaiters

The one thing that sets Penomet apart from all other vacuum pumps is their range of interchangeable gaiters that each provide different working pressures.

All other penis vacuum devices only use one gaiter and therefore can only operate at one preset pressure.

The interchangeable gaiters give the penis a varied workout, which in turn speeds and maximizes results.

The Penis is basically just a muscle filled with blood vessels and it responds to exercise in the same way as all our other muscles… You would not go to the gym and just perform one exercise using just one fixed weight or pressure – this would get you nowhere fast.

You would vary the exercises and the weights or pressures to give your muscles a wide and varied workout to boost results.


There are 5 gaiters in the range each providing varying degrees of working pressure:

  • Force 60
  • Force 65
  • Force 70
  • Force 75
  • Force 80 Red – the ‘ultimate workout’ gaiter

Each Package in the Penomet range is supplied with some or all of these gaiters as standard, you will also soon be able to buy spare or additional gaiters directly from the official website.

The Standard package includes the device and just the middle range force 70 gaiter

The Extra package comes with the standard Force 70 along with force 65 and 75

The Ultimate Package includes the complete range of gaiters – essential for maximum results and gains.

Use each gaiter until you reach desired gains and then step up to the next level and continue to grow.

Lubrication And Cleaning Oil

Penomet supply a range of cleaning foams and oils to keep your device maintained and in full working order

Latest Addition To The Range

Unknown-3Penomet have just released their latest accessory –

a comfortable Shower Strap that makes wearing the device in the shower a ‘hands free’ operation

Included as part of the Ultimate package, the strap will also be available to buy separately from the official website.

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