Power Up Penis Pump Review

Power Up

Power Up is a hand operated air based vacuum pump that will (it is claimed) help generate powerful erections.

Comprising a green colored translucent plastic cylinder with pressure gauge on top and a hand operated air pump, the device also comes supplied with 3 different sizes of rubber 644368236_oseal and a cock ring that helps to retain the erection after use.

How To Use Power Up

Place the device over the penis, make sure that the rubber seal makes good contact with the groin and operate the the hand held pump to draw the air from the device.

As the vacuum takes effect, blood is drawn into the penis to generate a hard erection. Once the desired erection is achieved, remove the device and fit the cock ring around the base of the penis to help maintain the erection.

User Feedback

Most users agree that the device will generate some good erections, many felt that the colored cylinder, although transluscent, stopped then having a clear view of the penis and therefore what was happening inside the device.

The hand pump itself is not great quality, many feel that it wouldn’t be too easy to break with over use.

As for comfort, the jury is out on this point, some users report back some discomfort under pressure while others found it quite comfortable.


Can accept penises up to 7” when erect

Where To Buy

Available from selected adult stores, prices average $68.00 (GBP £ 43.95)

Any Guarantees

None Provided By Manufacturer – some consumer protection should be available but this usually only applies to unopened, unused packs.

Our Thoughts

One of the better air based pumps, although a bit cumbersome…we still worry about the risk of over pressurization and the associated risk of tissue damage and distortion. water based pumps do generally offer more effective results with fewer risks.

Top Three Product?

Regretfully no… Power Up is not necessarily a bad product, it just does not offer the features and benefits of our top three devices.

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Power Up
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