Erection Problems

Main Causes Of Erection Problems

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a general term to describe the inability to achieve or keep an erection sufficient to enable sexual intercourse.

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A mans penis is made up from chambers comprising soft spongy tissue called the Corpova Cavernosa, when a man becomes sexually aroused, the brain send a signal that triggers the relaxing or dilation of these tissues, this allows blood to flow into the these chambers, as these swell with the incoming blood flow, the penis becomes erect.

Once the erection is complete, a membrane called the Tunica Albuginea holds the blood in the penis to enable intercourse, relaxing after ejaculation.

If the blood flow is interrupted or weak, or the muscles contract stopping the blood flow, this is when erectile dysfunction occurs.

There have been studies into just how many men suffer from ED the exact figures are generally unknown because many men refuse to acknowledge the problem or out of embarrassment, fail to seek any medical advice or guidance.

The general thought is that 22% of men up to 40 years old and 49% of men aged 70 and over suffer from the problem to varying degrees.

ED can be caused by many factors, some health conditions such as diabetes, kidney and heart disease can (especially in those aged over 50) bring on the problem, alcohol can have an effect on a mans ability to become erect and especially in the younger man, nerves, stress, and low esteem can all have a marked effect on the ability to become erect.

The most common cause in the younger man is the fear of sexual failure, especially when with a new partner and accounts for around 20% of all recorded cases.


There are many methods of treating erection dysfunction, the method chosen will depend on the cause.

ViagraIf reduced blood flow is considered the problem, and if you do go and see your doctor, there is every chance that they will prescribe a drug such as Viagra. This drug is probably the most famous of all erection medications, made by Pfizer, it increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body helping to relax the internal blood vessels within the penis, allowing greater blood flow which generates good erections

Drugs like Viagra are not without their reported side effects, and for this reason are only legally available through a doctor with prescription. It is not suitable for some and has been linked with a wide range of side effects ranging from headaches, tinnitus, vision problems and heart arrhythmia leading in some cases to heart attack or stroke.

There are of course some highly natural effective naturally formulated supplements that recreate the effects of Viagra without the risks.

The other downside with Viagra and similar medications is the time it takes to work, the pills can take between 1 and 2 hours to take effect, often meaning that sexual activity needs to be preplanned to benefit from the effects.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

The fastest and most risk free of getting a fast, hard and visibly longer erection is by the use of a penis vacuum pump.

These devices are specially designed to help increase the amount of blood flowing into theimages penis, quickly bringing on an erection suitable enough to enable intercourse.

Being non prescription and drug free, they pose no risk to health and unlike pills offer a quick acting way to ensure that any erection generated will enable mutually satisfying sexual intercourse.

Usually working in a couple of minutes, these devices help retain the spontaneity of sex, and with regular use can reduce cases of ED and can also generate permanent increases in penile length.

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