MaxMedix Penis Pump Review

MaxMedix Penis Pump Review

Take Your Erections And Penis Length To The Max

A highly popular penis pump is the Maxmedix.. Sold to buyers worldwide by the very aptlymaxmedix-1 named adult specialists ‘shytobuy’ it is a unique and easy to use penis pump that provides users with virtually instant erections as well as increased penis length with regular use.

Lightweight, and easy to use, the maxmedix pump can help provide:

  • Stronger, visibly longer erections
  • Permanent penis growth with regular use
  • Instant results
  • Improved control over ejaculations

How Does Maxmedix Work

The pump comprises a cylinder that is placed over the penis.. a hand pump (supplied) draws out the air inside to create a vacuum…this vacuum helps to expand the blood vessels inside the penis and encourages a greater amount of blood to flow into the penis, this creating a larger and stronger erection… If used regularly, this can over time help increase cellular mass, visibly enlarging the penis

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How To Use Maxmedix Pump

Fix one of the rubber mouths to the base of the pump chamber, place a small amount of your preferred lubricant into the centre opening of the rubber mouth and insert your mens into the chamber.. Holding the cylinder firmly in place, gently pump the bulb to remove the air and place the penis under the pressure of the vacuum.. To aid and enhance stimulation, the pump has a vibrating function that requires 2 AA batteries (not required).

Is It Safe

maxmedix-2These sorts of pumps are remarkably safe, but it is essential to not over pressurise the cylinder… if you (in the unlikely event) ever experience pain or abnormal swelling, depressors the device and remove

How Long Does It Take

This Method is very quick to give results, often in less that 10 minutes.. basically if you are using as as an aid to increase erection size, simply wear until the desired effect has occurred… if you are using it to attain increased penis length, then you should try and use it for 10 minutes daily

Users Feedback

The shytobuy website does list some reviews from satisfied users… there is not one review less than 4 stars, which does confirm how efficient this pump really is

sample reviews courtesy of shytobuy



Where To Buy Maxmedix

The afore mentioned shytobuy website is the main stockist for buyers worldwide… shipping is secure, fast and importantly with products like this – discreet

The Maxmedix pump costs £54.99 which works out at $ 72.62 or EUR €65.97.. orders over £50 generally qualify for free shipping.

Cash Back Guarantee

The makers provide a 30 day return and refund guarantee

Our Thoughts

A simple yet effective way to maximise your erections and gain an increase in penis length.. one of the cheaper pumps on the market, so it would make a great starter pump for any man trying his first device.

One To Try – Thats For Sure

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