Air Or Water Based Penis Pumps

What Is Best Air Or Water Based Vacuum Pumps?

There are basically two types of penis vacuum pump, those that generate a vacuum in air and others that use the pressure of water to help boost erection strength, improve curvature and generate permanent penis enlargement.$T2eC16JHJF0FFZeUkjIOBSTuBmTM8w~~60_35

But Which Is Best?

Both types can offer effective results, but there have been cases of air based pumps being over pressurised causing (in rare cases), tearing and distortion of the users penis.

That is not to say that air based pumps should be avoided, there are a couple of rather good devices out there, but they should be used with care and to the manufacturers full instructions and guidelines.

Those devices that use water as part of the process are considered to be generally safer as the water held within the device helps to support and protect the penis during the process.

These kind of devices are primarily designed to be used in the bath or shower, the warmth of the water held within the device also helping to relax the penile tissues and surrounding muscles, maximising the effects of the process.


What Device Should I Choose

Of all the pumps that we have reviewed, three particular devices stood head and shoulders above other models.

These three virtually ticked all the boxes, providing a wide range of results and benefits, and it is these devices that make up our list of top three rated penis pumps.

Our ratings are based on a strict criteria that included:

  • Official Approvals
  • Customer Feedback/Results
  • Ease Of Use
  • Guarantee
  • Price

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What Type Of Pump Do You Prefer – Air Or Water??

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