Penomet Review : How It Works And Where To Buy

Penomet Review : How It Works And Where To Buy [updated 2020]

Penomet is a special designed vacuum pump that helps men of all ages with erectile dysfunction (ED), penile curvature and also can improve both size and girth.

If you have ever suffered with erection problems, you will know just how embarrassing and frustrating it can be. 

An occasional problem can be laughed off as maybe having too much to drink, tiredness or perhaps you have had a stressful day, but if it becomes a constant problem it can be harmful to even the strongest relationship.

The good news is that science has demonstrated to us that by using the force of a vacuum, we can reverse the problem. 

The clever scientists at Penomet have used this knowledge to develop Penomet, the words best selling and most would agree, most effective pump of its type anywhere.

What Exactly Is Penomet?

Penomet is a medically designed penile vacuum pump that works to improve erection strength, stability and size. With regular use it can also help to improve both the users penile length and girth.

Manufactured by Arctic Sea Ltd, who are based in Iceland, they are global leaders in their field. Since their launch, their products have helped over 200,000 men to enjoy improved erections and better sexual performance.

The penomet device is backed by solid clinical research and is recommended by many experts working in the field of ED.

How Does Penomet Work?

how to use penomet

Penomet is a hydro vacuum pump, this means that it uses a vacuum combined with water to help provide penile support and protection during the pumping process. Designed to be used in the bath or shower, the warmth of the water also helps to relax the delicate penile tissues which helps to increase the results even further.

Filled with water and placed over the member, the user then pumps the device up and down to remove any residual air and some of the water from the device. This generates an internal vacuum within the chamber.

The pressure of the vacuum actually helps to draw blood into the penile tissue, helping to generate a solid erection. Because more blood than normal is generally drawn into the tissues, the resulting erection is usually visibly larger and thicker.

Once the desired erection has been attained, the device can be easily depressurised by using the valve at the end of the device, and you are ready for action.

after ejaculation the erection will disperse and the member will return to its usual size. 

However using the age old method of traction ( a process known as cellular duplication) regular use of the device of around 15-20 minutes per day will ultimately result in the increase in size and with becoming permanent.

Its exactly the same process as a bodybuilder who goes to the gym daily to make his muscles larger. by placing his muscles under pressure by lifting weights, his tissue cells in the muscles tear and duplicate to produce additional muscle cells, gradually this leads to an increase in size and strength. 

Just as a bodybuilder varies the weights used to boost his results, Penomet is available with up to 6 various pressure gaiters, each designed to produce a different vacuum within the device, varying the pressure being placed on the penile tissue boosting the effects and benefits.

Depending on the Penomet package purchased, the device is supplied with one, three, or all gaiters. ( They can also be purchased separately)

Go To Penomet Website and Check Out All Offers

Penomet produces the same results, the penile tissue cells divide and duplicate under the pressure of the vacuum ultimately providing increased length and girth. 

This process is also known as traction, and has been used by doctors for many years to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs. 

Ancient tribal cultures have (and still do) used traction for thousands of years to lengthen their necks, lips and ear lobes.

What Results Can I Expect From Using Penomet?

penomet gaiters

The main result of using Penomet is that the erections induced are natural, solid and are long lasting too.

This can help improve self confidence and those feelings of doubt that do occur when you have experienced bouts of erection difficulty. 

If you have been in an established relationship, a long term partner will normally be understanding about it all, realising what you are going through, but if you are with someone new, and have the problem, it can be the end of the relationship before its even started properly.

With daily use of the Penomet device, users will start to achieve increase in penile growth, with both the length and girth increasing – That said, no two men are the same, but there have been reports of increase approaching 2”.

The other benefit of Penomet is that is exercises the penile muscles too, strengthening them which ultimately helps to reduce problems such as premature ejaculation.

Penomet has also been shown to be very effective at reducing curvature too.

Is Penomet Safe?

Absolutely, the device is recommended by the medical community, unlike air based pumps that can on occasion cause twisting and potential injury to your most prized asset, pumps that use water protect and support during use. These types of pumps are considered to be completely safe.

The device is ergonomically designed to fit properly, it’s comfortable and very easy to use.

Penomet User Reviews

There are many user reviews out there, men of all ages love the device and the way that its helped them to achieve improved erections, size and overall sexual performance.

Here are a few courtesy of the official Penomet website:

user testimonials

Where Can I Order Penomet?

penomet official website

You can acquire your official Penomet device directly from the manufactures official website (Click Here to go to official website)

The makers have global distribution in place and they ship to virtually every country in the globe with a very few exceptions.

Men from Australia, Canada, Ireland, USA, Europe and Asia can all buy Penomet with ease. 

Shipping is fast and discreet with all orders sent out in unmarked packaging.

Penomet Prices

The Official website list prices in five currencies ( USD$, GBP£, CAD$, AUD$ and EUR) but your card company (or Paypal) will convert the amount to your own local currency (if different) at current exchange rates.

The Penomet Packages

Penomet Standard – The entry level package, contains the Penomet device with one pressure gaiter, digital exercise booklet and a 3 year warranty – This will cost you $127.00

Penomet Extra – The Mid Range Package includes the Penomet device, 3 variable pressure gaiters, exercise booklet and a 3 year warranty. This will cost you $197.00

Penomet Premium – Top of the range package contains the Penomet device, the compete set of 5 pressure gaiters, shower strap, exercise guide book and 3 years warranty. This costs $297.00


Who makes Penomet?

Penomet is made by Iceland based Arctic Sea Ltd – with distribution centres worldwide, they are truly a global company

Who Can Use Penomet?

Penomet is suitable for any man regardless of age who is experiencing erection difficulties, (ED) concerns over size, or penile curvature

Is Penomet Safe To Use?

Yes, the device is made from medical grade materials, and is recommended by medical professionals specialising in the treatment of ED, and Curvature

Do I Have To Use Penomet In The Bath Or Shower?

You do not HAVE to, but the device was designed to be used with water, as this helps to support and protect while using it. Pumps that use just air, have some times caused twisting and injury, especially if over pressurised.

What Happens If I Do Not Like The Penomet Or Find It Doesn’t Work For Me?

In this unlikely scenario, you have up to 60 days to try and experience the effects of Penomet, if unhappy, you can then return the device and all packaging for a full refund

Is Shipping Secure And Discreet?

Yes all orders are shipped in plain packaging with no information on the parcels contents visible on the outside, that way you can comfortably order for delivery to home or your place of work

My Local Currency Is Not Listed On the Drop Down Box At Checkout What Can I Do?

The website lists prices in USD$, GBP £ and EUR.. But do not worry, your payment card company or Paypal will convert the transaction to your regular currency at current market rates.

Do You Ship Penomet To Australia and New Zealand?

Yes Buyers in Australia, New Zealand and in fact virtually every country in the world (with a few exceptions) can order the device and have it shipped directly to them.

How Long Does Penomet Take To Work?

The device will help to generate firmer, larger erections that last within a matter of minutes, however to achieve permanent increases in size, you will need to use daily for 15-20 minutes for at least 8 weeks

Cash Back Guarantee

The makers provide a full 60 day return policy on all orders. 

To qualify the makers ask you to use Penomet as directed for 60 days and if after that time are unhappy with the results, you can return for a full refund.

They also offer a free replacement within 14 days if the device is received damaged and also provide a 3 year warranty on all serviceable parts

Pro’s And Cons


  • Easy To Use
  • Generates Solid Erections In A Matter Of Minutes
  • Permanent Penile Growth With Daily Use
  • Made With Medical Grade Materials
  • Recommended By Medical Community
  • 60 Day Cash Back Guarantee
  • Fast,Discreet Global Shipping


  • Premium Priced Product
  • Only Available Online

Our Conclusion

There are a number of good vacuum pumps out there, but you will struggle to find one as effective and as well designed as Penomet. Its well built, easy to use, and maintain, and more to the point it works!

The cash back guarantee is an added bonus, this is currently the longest cash back guarantee of any vacuum pump.

If we had any recommendation, it would be to buy the best package that you can afford, the interchangeable gaiters make a huge difference to the effects and results. 

If you intend to use the device in the shower, then the shower strap is another “must have” its included in the premium package, but can be bought separately from the official website.

Our Overall Product Rating – 4.7 / 5

Click Here To Go To Official Penomet Website

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.