VaxAid V30 Deluxe

Does The VaxAid V30 Deluxe Penis Pump Really Work?

VaxAid V30 Deluxe Pump and Box

Vaxaid V30 Deluxe is a dual action vacuum pump that can be used either in the bath or in the air ( useful for boosting sexual spontaneity)

Proven to boost blood flow into the penis, making a huge difference to any man suffering with most types of erection problems.

The Vaxaid V30 is recommended and used by doctors across the Uk to treat erectile dysfunction.

The Features Of VaxAid V30 Deluxe

  • Drug free, non prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Draws blood into the spongy erectile chambers to generate hard, long lasting erections
  • Quick working with no side effects
  • NHS Approved

How Does The VaxAid V30 Deluxe Work

When placed over the penis, the device is pumped to remove the air inside the device, this forms a  vacuum that places the penis under pressure.

This vacuum helps to draw blood into the penis, which helps generate larger, harder erections that are powerful and long lasting.

Once the desired erection is achieved the device can be removed quickly and easily.

The pack also contains a selection of erection rings that when fitted over the penis work to retain the blood within the penis, helping the erection to remain long enough to enable satisfying sexual intercourse.

VaxAid V30 Deluxe

Permanent Enlargement

With regular (daily) use of at least 20 minutes daily, the Vaxaid V30 can help generate permanent increases in length and girth. As the penis reacts to the vacuum pressure created by the vacuum, the internal cells gradually divide and duplicate to provide additional tissue cells and ultimately increased mass to the penis. this is known as cellular duplication and any resulting gains are permanent.

Its quite possible to achieve gains of up to 2″ with around 6 months regular use

The device is also effective in the treatment of penile curvature, the pressure helps to break down the internal scar tissues that cause conditions such as peyronies disease

Whats in The Pack

Each Pack contains:

  • VaxAid Pump
  • Instruction manual and DVD
  • Hand Pump and connecting tube
  • Can of Vaxaid lube
  • 6 assorted sized erection rings
  • two comfort pads

Orders are shipped in discreet packaging throughout the UK – they will ship overseas for a small extra shipping charge – see website for details

My Thoughts On VaxAid V30 Deluxe

If I had one thing to say its that this model looks very similar to the top of the range pump made by Bathmate – the HydroXtreme – the likeness is so much like the Bathmate product that I am convinced that its a blatant copy, and one that’s dearer than the original too –

Read My Full Review On the Bathmate HydroXtreme here

Where To Buy VaxAid V30 Deluxe

The VaxAid V30 Deluxe penis pump is available directly from a number of sources . In the UK, this includes Amazon.

they sell the device for £310.49 ($324.99)

Order Yours Today – Discreetly and Without Prescription

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