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Bathmate Devices Come IN 3 Colours

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bathmate range of penis hydro pumps are some of the best in the world, and after reviewing the complete range, I can totally understand why its the pump of choice for of many men across the globe.

“If you are a man who wants to improve your erection strength, size and performance or simply help you to be more confident between the sheets, then a Bathmate penis pump is the perfect choice for you all round, its reputation, build quality and after care service is second to none.”

This article explains the subtle yet crucial differences between the three product ranges in the Bathmate Range, helping you to decide which device is the right one for YOU.

I will cover the key differences between the models, how too choose th right sized mode for you, the costs and also how to avoid buying counterfeit or bogus rip offs.

Going Back To Basics For A Minute…

What Is A Bathmate

A bathmate is a penis hydro vacuum pump, this basically means that its designed to be used with water, preferably in the bath or shower.


There are other pumps out that that rely on just air to create a vacuum in the device, but by using water in the pump a bathmate will provide a better all round environment to help boost erection strength, longevity and performance.

Using warm water in the device helps to encourage more blood flow into the penis , and we all know that good blood flow is essential for solid, long lasting erections.

It also helps to provide a more constant pressure around the penis, helping to support and protecting it during the pumping procedure – It has been shown in clinical trials that pumping in water leads to better results and a more safer experience all round.

How Does The Process Work?

When filled with water and placed over the penis, the device is pumped up and down to create a pressure (vacuum) inside the device. This vacuum helps to draw more blood into the penis, boosting the size and stability of the erection ( This is one key reason why pumps like Bathmate are the best way of treating cases of erectile dysfunction.

As the penis swells with blood and becomes erect, it actually becomes slightly bigger than normal, this increase in size initially lasts for about an hour, with the penis gradually reverting back to normal. 

But with constant, daily use of around 15-20 minutes per day, users do begin to see some more permanent increase in length and girth.

This makes (in my opinion) penis pumps like Bathmate the safest, most effective and non invasive method of natural penile enlargement.

What Size Bathmate Should I Buy?

Before you decide on the actual Bathmate device that you want to buy, you need to first consider what size you need.

Its crucial make sure that you get the right model, one that gives you enough room to grow, yet at the same time one that is not too big for you!

The larger the device that you need, the more water it will hold, and therefore will be much heavier to use, especially if you are using in the shower instead of the bath. 

When using bathmate in the shower I always suggest using the shower strap as it makes holding and supporting the device much easier.

To determine the model and size of the Bathmate that you need, you need to measure your penis while erect.

Once in an aroused state, use a ruler or tape measure to take your length measurement, hold the tape into your groin at the pubic bone and measure to the tip.

Then you need to ensure your girth too – this can be done with a soft flexible tape measure, failing that a piece of string would suffice which you can then hold against a ruler to determine the girth.

Once you have the correct measurements (and be honest guys) then you know exactly what model(s) of Bathmate are right for you.

As an example taking the global average penis measurement of 6” (15cm) length x 5.5“ (13.9cm) girth, you would need to go for one of these models: Hydro7, Hydromax 7 Or The Hydroxtreme7

Choosing A Bathmate Model

For Penises measuring 5-7″ you have 5 Bathmate models to choose from

Now you know the correct sizes, you can now choose your preferred Bathmate model.

Back in 2006 when Bathmate released their first product they just catered for one size of penis, now fast forward to 2019, their range encompasses 3 models in a range of sizes to accommodate virtually any man of any size ranging from under 3″ to up to 9″ and beyond.

Their range is now made up of the Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme.

Each range offers something a bit different by way of features and accessories which naturally is reflected in the price of each model

“Anyway lets crack on and check out the Bathmate range in full.”

Bathmate Hydro Series

Bathmate Hydro7

Originally called the Hercules, and now redesigned and rebranded, the entry level model that offers the Bathmate benefits at their most basic. Its supplied in just one size – The Hydro7, this makes it a great option for men who measure between 5 and 7” in erect length.

It doesn’t come with any other accessories ( they are available to buy separately ) but you do get a choice of three colours – red, blue and clear.

This is the cheapest bathmate in the range, and it will get the job done, although it doesn’t provide as much pressure as the other models, also there is minimal padding in the bellows pump that sits up against the groin area, so some users could find that its a bit uncomfortable to use.

Discover The Bathmate Hydro7 At The Official Website

Its the perfect first device, but I would suggest that if you measure between 5 and 7 inches and are serious about using the Bathmate and enjoying all the benefits that it can provide, if you can afford the difference, its better to go just a little bit further and opt for the next model in the range – the Hydromax.

Bathmate Hydromax Series

Bathmate Hydromax

The Hydromax is the improved version of the Hydro. Its suitable for men who really want to get more out of their pumping experience. 

The Hydromax7 is one of 5 models in the range that will take penises ranging from 2” up to 9” in length.  There is also the Hydromax7 Wideboy that takes penis that have a thicker girth (up to 6.5”) too

It also has 4 specific differences to the basic Hydro range:

(1)The Hydromax has an improved valve release cap which can be set in either the open or closed position. This makes it easier to depressurise the device when you have finished.

(2)The bellows is rotatable which means that you can rotate the device under pressure to keep the size graduation scale on the device visible.

(3)The biggest improvement however is in the pressure created by the pump itself. It has been upgrade to provide an additional 35% more pressure than the Hydro7 model. 

(4)Finally there is a special designed comfort pad fitted into the base of the bellows which makes using the device a whole lot more comfortable to use.

Overall this is my personal favourite of the range – just one other thing to add, all models in the Hydromax range is available in the same colours as the Hydro – red, blue and clear. 

For me, I would suggest choosing the clear, just as its easier to see whats going on inside the pump while its being used.

Check Out The Hydromax Range At The Official Website

Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

Bathmate HydroXtreme

The best pump in the Bathmate range, its perfect for those who simply want the best that they can get, or maybe have a larger than average penis to start with.

There is no doubt that for the best results and overall gains, that the Hydroxtreme is the best pump to get.

You get the same build quality as the Hydromax, in addition to that you get a separate hand ball pump ( for maximum pressure and easier pumping)

It also comes in a black carry case that contains all the other accessories that come with this pump. 

This includes, the Bathmate device itself, hand ball pump assembly, shower strap, comfort pads, security lock, cleaning kit, Bathmate towel and measuring gauge.

The package contains everything that you should ever need to get maximum results from your pumping experience.

Discover More About HydroXtreme Here

The Models in the Bathmate Hydroxtreme range:

The HydroXtreme 5 is suitable for those with a penis of up to 5” when erect.

The HydroXtreme 7 will suit a penis between 5 and 7” when erect – the wideboy version will also accept pensis with a girth up to 7.6”

The HydroXtreme11 will accept penises between 9 and 11” when erect and a massive 8.5” in girth.

In a nut shell, the HydroXtreme range sets the standard for all penis pumps, if you desire the best (and have the budget for it naturally) then the Hydroxtreme is the one to buy.

How Much Does a Bathmate Cost To Buy?

Price is always key when choosing something like this, its crucial to get the best for your money, and naturally those on a bigger budget can afford that litte bit more.

The Hydro7 starter pump sells for $110 regardless of colour

The Hydromax series ranges between $129 and $199 depending on the model size

The top of the range HydroXtreme model range starts at $249 and goes up to $399 for the HydroXtreme 11.

The price will gradually increase depending on the size required.

Where To Buy Your Bathmate Device

Bathmate Official Website

There are many online and offline stores that sell Bathmate products.. There are in fact so many sellers out there that I would come right out now and say ONLY BUY DIRECT. (Link to official website at bottom of page)

There are many suppliers out there who are basically selling fake, counterfeit versions of bathmate devices, some of which could be effective maybe, while others will be constructed out of cheaper materials and will be nowhere near as effective – or safe for that matter.

If you see a Bathmate device for sale thats really much cheaper that the official website, its almost certainly a copycat or fake device. – So avoid any heavily discounted products

When you buy direct from Bathmate not only are you getting access to their excellent customer service team, you know that you are buying genuine bathmate products and as such can take advantage of the makers 60 day cash back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the results.

Don’t take a gamble with your money or your most priced asset – buy your Bathmate device direct and be sure of what you are buying.

The official Bathmate website takes orders globally, and the devices are shipped FOR FREE from their network of over 20 distribution hubs that are based around the world.

Finally, the customer service team at Bathmate really know their product, so if you have any questions before or after you buy your device , get in touch with them, they will willingly help.

“Got yourself all measured and ready to go?”

Click Here To Go To The Official Bathmate Website And Choose Your Device

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Love It!

I am 59 and have been experiencing weak erections for some time now. I had been doing a lot of research into penis pumps and how they work and after many hours spent reading and choosing a pump to try, I bought the Hydromax 7.

What an amazing bit of kit ! - it took a few attempts to get used to using it properly, but once I got the hang of it my erection size and strength really improved more than I had ever expected.  You can literally see your cock expanding and growing infront of your eyes!

If you are having any issues with getting hard or staying hard - get one of these bad boys - You will not regret it!

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